Everyone knows that if you’re going to travel the right way, to do it local style. Tourists not only stick out like sore thumbs, but they miss all the good stuff while their caught up on some goofy tour. I was lucky enough to spend the 4th of July week/end in Nashville with my dear friend and her family, and they definitely showed me a honky-tonkin’ good time! Here are some of my favorite stops :

[highlight color=”blue”] FOOD and DRINKĀ  [/highlight]

South Street

It may seem touristy because of the BBQ, but it’s a local spot for sure, and rumor has it that Taylor Swift lives right across the street! Be sure to order the Smokehouse Bleu Cheese Chips, The Crab and Spinach Diver Dilla and The Smokehouse Trio, and you’re in for a treat!



3 Crow Bar

One word : Bushwhacker. You’ve got to try it at this historic local bar. Nuff’ said. Oh, and please be sure to abide by the dress code.





Apparently Krystal is the South’s version of In n Out. I recommend it (as does my friend’s mom) for a quick mini-burger of a snack!


Taco Mamacita

Another great recommendation from a local girl known only as Cousin Katy. With things on the menu like the Durty Sanchez and the Pink Cadillac Margarita, how could you go wrong here? Not to mention the servers were super cute šŸ˜‰



Burger UpĀ 

Located on the charming 12th street amidst tons of sweet shops, Burger Up is a definite must try! “Everything served here once lived within 20 miles of the place,” said a local shop owner as he recommended we try it. From the truffle fries to the burgers, everything was delicious! Just make sure that if they’re advertising happy hour prices that’s what they’re charging you.


[highlight color=”pink”] DANCINGĀ  [/highlight]

Robert’s Western World

From the cowboy named Jessie who danced with every girl in the room to the sweet little couple in the corner with their very own picture on the table, Robert’s is a historic establishment that is a must-visit. Have a shot and a dance and be part of the magic that Nashville is known for, and don’t forget your boots and your burger too!



Rippy’s Bar and Grill

A great place for day drinking, to say the least. The live entertainment was simply unparalleled since the Georgia boy who was performing serenaded me as I lfet the bar. A song about “Hollywood” that I’ll never forget! Also a big thanks to the lovely singer “Jacqueline Rose” who sang Reba’s Fancy per my request. Love this place.


[highlight color=”green”] DON’T MISS Ā  [/highlight]

Boating on the Lake – If you’re lucky enough to meet some locals with a boat, take advantage of it! For the fireworks on the 3rd everyone linked their boats together and it was a mulit-boat party! This is an experience that will leave Nashville lingering in your heart forever, and just like my friend’s dad says, it’s definitely a “big time.”


The Parthenon – OK, just a bit of tourist fun here, this place is amazing, and is the exact size as the one in Greece. The reason it exists in Nashville? Because universities such as Vanderbilt and Belmont are testaments to the scholars of old.


House Parties

Now here’s the part where I’m going to brag! If the best meat and the best booze is what you’re after in Nashville, then the only place to find it is at a house party. The tins of BBQ just keep coming, and so do the good people. Be sure to meet some friends and head over for some delicious home cooking that just can’t be beat.


Katy K’s Designs, Western Wear and Ranch DressingĀ 

There’s only one place to go for your cowboy garb in Nashville, and that’s Katy K’s. Stop by and see the nice folks who have dressed almost every major country star in town, and you might just get to some ‘ranch dressing’ of your own.


Printer’s Alley

Just go there, you’ll know why I sent you when you get there.


Well, I’m sure that I’ve forgotten more than a few things here (like Karen Elson’s vintage store!), but it’s a start, so get to scootin’! Ā Cheers to a wonderful time and wonderful people, and I can’t wait to go back for the Reba exhibit which opens in August at the Country Music Hall of Fame! Until next time, yee haw.


Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers is the founder of TGIFguide. She uses her innate skills as a natural “connector” to serve businesses, brands and individuals in the LA area and beyond.