Out of all of the islands of the planet, the Caribbean has to have the most popular hotspots. From the Caymans to Jamaica and Barbados, the tourists hop from one place to the next having the time of their life. So, it is tempting to follow suit and do the same. Don’t worry – this post isn’t going to tell you it’s a bad idea. What with beaches such as Varadero and food such as curried goat, it is a vacation of a lifetime. No, this post is here to help you turn your dream holiday into the perfect getaway by providing island advice.

Here are the things you need to know before you leave.


Not Every Island Speaks English

Of course, the places that spring to mind are places in and around the West Indies. Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and Barbados all speak English due to their past at the hands of the British Empire. However, the Caribbean doesn’t stop with these islands. From Cuba and Puerto Rico to Guadalupe, the territory stretches for miles, encompassing islands with links to the rest of the world. Therefore, if you plan on doing it properly, you will need to learn conversational Spanish and French. There is even a Dutch colony, but that might be too difficult!

The Best Accommodations Go Early

Do you imagine yourself in a condo overlooking the beach? Well, it might only be a pipedream if you don’t act fast. The typical traveler loves to leave accommodation to the last minute. Come on; it’s all part of the fun! But, the Caribbean is a melting pot of travelers, tourists, and locals. As a result, there can be a shortage of places to stay. For those looking who want a luxury abode, you should check out Christopher Columbus Condos on the website. Anyone who wants budget digs, head to Hostelworld or Booking.com. Regardless, do it sooner rather than later.

Local Transport Runs On Its Own Time

If you have heard of the airline LIAT, you should know it isn’t renowned for its punctuality. Even the locals say the acronym stands for “Leaves Island Any Time.” Of course, it is cheap and one of the most reputable airlines, so it might be the one you chose to island hop. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you are willing to concede that delays are inevitable. As a result, leave plenty of time between connecting flights.


American Dollars Are Best

As a rule, pretty much every country will take US dollars. Barring North Korea, most places see the currency as the strongest in the world. Anyway, if you’re in NK, there are bigger fish to fry! A good tip is to make sure you have a stash in case your budget runs dry. And, this applies to American nationals, too. On some islands, a piece of plastic won’t help because ATMs and card machines are unreliable and few and far between.

If you follow these hacks, island hopping should be a breeze.


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Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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